JoAnn Ugolini: Artist's Statement

In Piazza, at Barbara Anderson Gallery (March 10–April14 2012), includes recent collages, paintings, and painting grids. The collages are constructed from posters gathered from the streets of Rome. These posters, sometimes layered inches thick, are aged by wind and rain and occasionally marked by passersby. I pull them down, wash them, and pull them apart. This past year, the Roman posters called people to protest and action, tutti in piazza. In this same period, I also painted on paper and canvas, with a focus on the figure and the light of the Italian landscape.

In 2009, I worked with poet, Kathleen Fraser, in a shared studio at the American Academy in Rome. We produced an artist’s book, S E C O N D Language. In this beautiful studio, I was able to work both on very large collage pieces and on the smaller pieces that juxtapose Kathleen’s poems. The original book was acquired by Yale University as part of their permanent Special Collection at the Beinecke Library. Work from that exhibit is also included in this show.

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